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CSC field Tichá close to Dolní Dvořiště (county Český Krumlov) Trial field is 3 km from the border with Austria. Qualification will be on the field close to camping and catering. Final runs will take a place 1,2 km further. 1. At the final field, there will be toilets only. 2. In case of rain final field can be accessible only with 4x4 cars. GPS: 48.6420958N, 14.5212661E

Animals in the area:
CSC Trial is held at dairy cows farm. Free movement of dogs is strictly forbidden (could be dangerous). Close to the field will be „free movement area“ for Your dog.
Clean after Your dogs, please. You will be at the Organic farm and we don´t want new parasites.
Please, antiparasites treatment for Your dogs is needed as the vet check 2 days before the trial. Use for example: praziquantel or similar ones.

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Arrival to the CSC area: We suggest to use the international road E-55 and in Dolní Dvořiště (or before D.D. if you coming from the North) leave it and follow guidance sign. Flights: International airport Prague (200km), Vienna (210 km), Linz (60 km)